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"Money, Time and Freedom Awaits."
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                       "CONGRATULATIONS"  for visiting our website and taking the very first steps to your success and know a little more about us and who we are!!
want to show you how you can work from home as we have for the past 7 years & make an unbelieveable income with Coastal......An Honest Home Business That is Legitimate and Proven.  

This business has allowed me to have time freedom, income freedom and the lifestyle that I only dreamed was possible. I looked for over 13 years and was in over 16 business opportunities before finding this one spending thousands on my search for the right one.
 I thank God that I was finally led to this business here with Coastal for it has opened up a whole different world income wise that I never would have been able to experience if it weren't for this business.                                  

I feel once you view everything there is to know about our business opportunity with us, the success our team generates, income and profit margins our business brings, and who our multi millionaire direct coach and trainer is here in our business specifically for our business and the team, the only question you will be asking yourself is...
"How can I get started and How Can I position myself to earn the highest profits in this business?" Read this page then go to 3 Easy Steps to Start which will start you in your information process.
We are Crystal & Shawn Maguire.

We are part of a team called Coastal Freedom and the business owners of Time Off Now with Coastal.  We are providing a way for hundreds and thousands of people to get involved with our home business working from the comforts of their own homes.We would like to speak to you personally and get all your questions answered on how you can realistically make an extra $3000 to $5000 *PLUS* a month by having your own home business after going to our website listed below and looking at everything thoroughly.

* You will see Why our home business & system is the best in the industry today.

* Why we have been featured in national magazines across the nation over the last 6 years *MONTHLY* simply because of the success that our directors are having who are working the business

*Why our business is such a success....Could it be... Because we have a Multi Millionaire Business Coach and Trainer Dani Johnson who our members plug into and who was just featured on ABC's Secret Millionaire TV Show, The View and Oprah? Absolutley.

You can view the videos of her announcement highlighting her appearance on the shows below and also see more in the video section of this website. When finished viewing videos make sure you follow the easy 3 steps listed below to be taken to information on our home business.

Home Business Coach & Trainers Sneek Peek on ABC, Homeless to Millionaire

Home Business Coach & Trainer on Oprah

Home Business Coach & Trainer on The View

Home Business Coach & Trainer on Good Morning America

* But most importantly of all ask yourself......

Take the time to come back to this website often and view it , the content and videos thoroughly. There is information about us, our team members and the business who are making a fantastic income and have changed their lives for the better along with extra photos, videos and information.

So to start your road to success follow the 3 easy steps by clicking the tab at the left titled 3 Easy Steps. I look forward to speaking to working with you and speaking to you soon!

To Your Much Success,

Crystal Maguire

P.S. Here is the link to check out where I was featured on the cover for the July/August 2013 Issue of Home Business Advertiser Magazine. Enjoy!
Crystal Maguire's Cover Story in Home Business Advertiser, July/Aug 2013 -


With Profits of $1000, $3,200 and $9,705... the incomes are limitless!